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At Palm House Property, we’ve developed a longstanding reputation for our commitment to excellence.

Local expertise
Benefit from unparalleled knowledge of the neighborhood gained through years of personal experience. Our team have lived, worked, and thrived in this community, providing you with insights that go beyond mere statistics. From hidden gems to upcoming developments, our deep local expertise ensures you make informed decisions.
Negotiation mastery
Benefit from our negotiation expertise, honed through years of experience. Troy & Jackson use proven strategies to navigate negotiations, ensuring you receive the best possible price for your property. We are committed to maximizing your returns while maintaining a win-win approach for all parties involved.
Exclusive pre-market opportunities
Gain a competitive edge with our exclusive pre-market opportunities. Our team tap into their extensive database to present your property to a qualified group of potential buyers before it's officially listed. This approach creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency, often resulting in premium offers.

About us

Selling property in Cairns has taught us that if you want the best possible result you must have a market presence.

Unlike typical agencies that have a one-size fits all approach, our marketing is specifically geared to your situation, meaning you can actually achieve the best possible price within your desired time frame.

Leveraging a sense of exclusivity and urgency, nothing generates excitement and sales hype like our off market listings. Before launching a sales campaign, we notify our audience about your property in order to create early-access marketing interest.

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